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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Refresh the Music Industry and the World!


It is time the music industry got a face lift.  It is time we move away from big name Labels and focus more on the artists that truely make the difference in the world and music industry.  It is time that more artists get recognized for the music they play and the message they send instead of whether or not they take their clothes off on stage.

I dream of creating a company to act not only as a promotions company for hard works bands and musical artists but also as a record label, a music management agency, and a friend.  I dream of creating a company that not only helps give musical artists a boost in the industry but truely cares about the artists integrity and purpose.

So let's change things for the better, let's make a difference in the world of music and enable all great artists to get noticed.  Instead of hide behind a wall of only a few myspace friends.  This is our chance, so let's make a difference!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


THAT's RIGHT! RAI has upgraded to a brand new website!  http://raimain.blogspot.com

New featured, new promotional services and new artists!  Come check out the new and improved Rising Artists International!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Artist!!! - Mike Menichini

Artist Name: Mike Menichini
Artist Type: Singer, Lyricist, Other (Entertainer)
Main Genre: A Capella, Choral, Swing


Hello world, the name is Michael Menichini. I'm an aspiring singer/musician who loves to write music and entertain. I've been singing since the early years of 4th grade, and took lessons for 5 years. At and early age, i acquired a tase for the sounds of swing and big band, which is very unique for kids in this day and age! It's always a thrill to go on stage and sing for and audience, and one that loves swing and big band as much as i do! I was planning on putting out a CD this winter, but it had to be postponed unfortunately due to financial reasons. I'm unsigned and looking for open talent agents and showcases to prove to the world what i can really do! I've been doing performing arts ever since i was a little kid, and have always enjoyed it. Some of my idols are: Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Paul McCartney, and many others. You can see my video of me singing at teen idol if you go to google.com and type in my name! I would also love to hear some of your thoughts and suggestions to my video. Please, feel free to contact me at mbexar@udel.edu!


"The first time I met Mike Menichini was at a rehersal for our high school's production of The Wizard of Oz.  It was our freshman year.  I heard him sing the tenor part in "The Wonderful Land of Oz" while I sung bass a few feet away.  He was one of the strongest tenors I could hear among the underclassmen and one of the most conifent.  I knew he was good then, and I knew I was a little bit jealous.  His confidence on stage can easily be seen in the above video.

The next preformance of Mike's that stands out in my mind is Senior year at Cherokee High School's "Cherokee Idol".  Mike did an amazing preformance of "Moondance" that turned the crowd into a crazed collection of wild fans cheering for Mike.  Naturally after working the crowd so well Mike went on to win Cherokee Idol that year.  It was then that I knew that a few years down the road I would be walking through Target's music section and come across a new CD:  Mike Menichini's Best Hits 2 Disk Collection.  Now that I run a music promotions company I am honored to help make his vision and dream a reality."

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Artist!!! - RainHat

Name: Sami Ylinen
Main genre: indie-folk pop
Bio/Description: Rainhat is an independent Swedish project, started in early 2009 by classically trained musician Sami Ylinen, who writes the songs and sings and plays all the instruments in the recordings. Sami believes that music should be available to anyone who likes listening to it, regardless of who or where you are, so all Rainhat tracks can therefore be downloaded for free from the website and shared freely online or otherwise.

"Read More"

Website: http://www.rainhatmusic.com


"One of the most noble and respectable musicians in the industry. I highley recommend checking out his music. As he said all his stuff is free, which right off the bat is great, but then you listen to his album and realize you would gladly have payed 12.99 for it at BestBuy. I cannot get enough of RainHat."

Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Artist!!! - HydroPhon!c

Real Name: Brandon Thomas
Artist Name: HydroPHon!c
Artist Type: Producer and soon-to-be DJ
Main Genre: Dubstep and Hip-Hop
Description: A real grassroots producer, no expensive studio equipment needed. I enjoy those often over-looked "stock" sounds, and over the years developed techniques to breath life into them, thus creating a unique sound and style. No track sounds the same as another, and theres always something new to hear.
Contact Info: lucky7id@gmail.com


"An awesome Dubstep producer and the above dubstep remix of a hardstyle song is ground breaking. I do not know how but HydroPhon!c managed to perfectly combine the hard thumping kick drums of hardstyle at 144BPM's with the LPF'd BASS of dubstep at 70 BPM's. Epic is really the only word to describe this track, and this artist!"

New Artist!!! - !mpakterz

Artist Name: !mpakterz
Real Name: Hemar Randall
Main Genre: Nu-Hardstyle/Hardstyle
Bio/Description: Born November 17th, 1992 in Kansas City, MO. Been producing electronic music on and off since February 2008. Producing Hardstyle since September 2009.
Website: www.myspace.com/impakterz

Contact Info: theimpakterz@live.com


"For only producing Hardstyle for a few months !mpakterz is one of the best Indie hardstyle producers I have heard since founding RAI. He produces full tracks but his real talent lies in the writting melodies. Artists can purchase his melodies for a mere $10, just shoot him an Email. !mpakterz is a great artist and I expect him to go much farther in his field. If he can produce high quality hardstyle tracks after only a few months I cannot wait to see what he can do after a year or two and working in the field. Keep up the great work."

New Artist!!! - Undergrad Records

Undergrad Records was founded by Patrick Owen, a senior at the University of Texas. Patrick's goal was to start an Indie Record Label with the help of his last financial aid check of roughly nine thousand dollars. Documenting everything by video and blog Patrick created a unique web-series called Undergrad Records The Show. U.R. is up to episode five and counting. If you are looking for a good time and a real inside look at the music industry check out U.R's youtube page for all the latest episodes. Between behind the scenes, studio sessions, and the story The Show is a great time.

If you are looking to submit your stuff to Undergrad Records in hopes of getting signed be sure to visit them Here: http://www.undergradrecords.tv/page/submit-music

Follow Patrick and the rest of his team at http://www.undergradrecords.tv/

Monday, December 14, 2009

RAI's BlogCarnival (Second Edition)

Welcome to the December 13, 2009 edition of rai's free music promotion.


Surbhi Bhatia presents Reason to Rise posted at The Viewspaper » The Viewspaper.


David Leek presents About RAI posted at Rising Artists Blog, saying, "To Start Off The Carnival this is RAI's ABOUT page!"

Edwin Choi presents Great Mixtape Rappers Equate to Bad Album Releases? posted at Hip Hop Octopus, saying, "Why do mixtapes, which sometimes feature and promote up and coming rappers at their best, result in horrible actual studio releases?"


Morgan Schwartz presents My Omaha Alternative Holiday Experience posted at Omaha.net - Local Writing from the Heartland.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
rai's free music promotion
using our
carnival submission form.
Past posts and future hosts can be found on our

blog carnival index page

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This groundbreaking new blog of a website goes through what every band goes through when trying to reach their unsuspecting fans. From marketing, to advertising, from production to promotion breakthroughband.com exposes it all. This is more then a blog about marketing music. It is a journey through the harsh jungle that is the music industry. This blog is designed to struggle along with the artists.

First hand experience is the best experience. And whether you are a new band or an old band there is something to learn at breakthroughband.com. It teaches you so much more then the basic nonsense you have heard a hundred times before: "Define your target audience and go from there". Breakthroughband.com IS first hand experience.

Check out www.breakthroughband.com and follow David James on his musical journey. At the very least you will discover what it really takes to make a successful band!

Monday, November 2, 2009

New Artist!!! - Jesselle


Main Genre: Pop

Hey guys! I'm Jess Loren, a singer/songwriter. Some say pop some say country and some say rock. I play piano and the guitar and my dad plays and performs with me on the 12 string guitar. I love writing music and performing live . My new CD was just recorded in august. It is a collection of all original songs written and composed by me! Going out to tour to promote and hope to land on the taylor swift tour as a supporting artist. Right now i am unsigned and all of my music and merchandise will be available online itunes and others very soon. I Hope I can share my love of music with all of you. Some of the biggest stages I have performed on are at Madison Square Garden at the halftime show during the Knicks game and on the Papermill Playhouse stage. I am now already writing my follow up cd as we speak. Videos of my latest shows will be up soon! Also, thanks for all of the positive comments on youtube! It really gives me a huge smile every day.

Check out our myspace: www.myspace.com/surfhousemusic

SEND US SOME FANMAIL!: surfhousemusic@yahoo.com
TWITTER!: www.twitter.com/surfhousemusic

Also, become a fan on facebook everybody!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Artist!!! - Ship To Shore

Ship To Shore

Main Genre: Pop-Punk

We are a South Jersey pop-punk band made up of five kids who love playing music. Sounds like a mixture of The Movielife and New Found Glory. We are looking to play shows so let us know if you need any bands to play!

Website: www.myspace.com/shiptoshorenj


"Guitar and Bass Melodies like no other that are bound to get stuck in your head for days. Ship To Shore has the potential to go pretty far in the Music Industry. I love hearing new bands from my home state of New Jersey. It is bands like Ship To Shore that may one day put New Jersey on the Music Industry map. I could die happy if Ship To Shore helps bring New Jersey to the music scene."

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Artist!!! - DJ Takkei

DJ Takkei

Name: Justin Braithwaite
Artist Name: Dj Takkei
Artist Type: DJ & Producer
Main Genre: Trance & House


--Currently Dj Takkei is working mostly on his musical productions. He is learning more and more about the production field daily and plans on going to the Arts Institute of Austin to major in Audio Production. He produces his own music and attempts a remix here and there. It is hard to image that Dj Takkei is only 16 years of age.

Check out DJ Takkei's Music Here: http://www.dj-takkei.com/




--"DJ Takkei contacted me one day without warning. Honestly though, this was a pleasant suprise. Between business and school it has proved very difficult to look for new artists to feature and help them out, let alone update the website. Listening to all of DJ Takkei tracks brought some new inspiration to my cause here at RAI. I started my DJ career at 16 and I am currently attending Rowan University for Audio Engineering and Radio/TV/Film. It sounds wierd to say I see myself in Dj Takkei. The main difference between us is the music we produce. When I listen to DJ Takkei's tracks in a row and feel like I am listening to a professionaly released trance album. When I listen to mine, I hear sparatic techno ideas and projects that spring randomly into my head. I feel as though DJ Takkei sees a larger image. I feel as though next time I walk into my favorite music store I'll find a DJ Takkei album right in front of the door." ~Dave L (Founder)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monthly Update - September Edition

Hello everyone, I know it has been quite some time since my last post and I appologize. However, there is good reason! Recently I have had my hands full with a bunch of new ideas I have started to put in motion. My main focus currently is starting a bi-weekly or monthly series of video interviews with RAI connected bands and artists. These will be feature here and on youtube. I believe this is a step in the right direction and will offer a really unique way for people to really learn about the bands/artists music.

Pretty soon I will be doing an overhaul of my amazon.com aStore. I want to include as many artists as possible into that. For those of you that do not know what an aStore is, it is basically a simple and easy to use place within this site that will allow visitors to purchase your music and albums, both as MP3, or as a physical EP.

I will also be making a push for all RAI connected artists to get their music on Last.fm . As some of you may know I feature a last.fm radio player on the left hand side of the site. I believe Last.fm opens your music up to a wide variety of listeners that would not have found your tracks otherwise.

Well that's the most recent stuff I have going for RAI. I'm still working on getting enough money to start the Recording Studio! I Can't wait to really start that project! It should be fun!

OH! And don't forget to join RAI's facebook group!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rising Artists International BlogCarnival (First Edition)

Welcome to the September 13, 2009 edition of rising artists international.

**For this edition all submissions were accepted: However, in future editions submissions only strickly related to RAI and RAI's mission will be accepted. If you host a music blog of your own and would like to be the next host of RAI's BlogCarnival please send me an email at RisingArtists@gmail.com with your application.**


Peter Kimmich presents Army Navy Tweets Their Way Through UK Fueled Only by Pints posted at Monitor Down, saying, "Thanks!"

Beth Jukuri presents Seeking to know is the key posted at Imperfect Lady, saying, "Learning as we go."

Monique Sharp presents Truly An Inspirational Cd! Whitney's Best For All People! posted at I Look To You Reviews, saying, "Whitney houston is back with her new single 'I Look To You'"

Monique Sharp presents Whitney Houston is a Representation Of Ladies All Over The World With Her Style And Grace posted at I Look To You Reviews.


Philip Rose presents Tips on Maintaining Exhibition Security posted at Exhibition Security.


EARTHSlayer presents Alone in the Dim Light posted at EARTHSlaying 101, saying, "Creative experiments for your eyes and ears!"

ferdinand young presents Ways to Maintain Trade Show Security posted at Trade Show Security.

Record Company

greenie smith presents Green Packaging at Its Best: Environmentally Friendly DVD and Blu-Ray Cases posted at Green Packaging.

johnny lokin presents How Retail Security Systems Can Protect Your Business posted at Retail Security Systems.

Ramil Parkson presents Things That Make a Trade Show Rental Service a Quality One posted at Trade Show Rental Service.

greenie smith presents Go Green with Eco-DVD Cases posted at Green Packaging.


Monique Sharp presents Whitney Houston Is Back! posted at I Look To You Reviews

Recording Studios

Hakim Callier presents Audio Mastering Competition #1 posted at Hakim Callier, saying, "My blog is hosting a healthy, but intense competition between the best and brightest among up-and-coming music producers from all around the world."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition ofrising artists internationalusing ourcarnival submission form.Past posts and future hosts can be found on ourblog carnival index page.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

About RAI

What is RAI?

RAI stands for Rising Artists International. Rising Artists International is a fresh, new avenue for Musicians to be Heard, and for Music Lovers to hear some new Music. Offering Gratis Publicity, RAI is actively involved in Supporting Independent Music from many places in the industry. Whether You are an Up-and-Coming Artist, or a Veteran who's looking for some New Exposure, RAI definitely has a place for You. And with the Many Artists already a part of RAI, any Musically-Enamoured Person can find some Interesting new Tracks to hear, and (at least a few) to Love.

You don't have to be an indie artist to become a part of RAI, or even an artist. Fans of all sort are welcome to a part of RAI. RAI is a group community of Artists, Fans, Labels, and Average Listeners.

RAI's Mission:

Here at RAI it is our mission to provide free premium promotion for bands and artists. We understand that less then 2% of all bands can actually make a living off their music. We understand how hard it is to really get your music out there. RAI is here to help. We offer a wide range of free services to help share your music with the world, all of which will be explained later.

What Qualifies As An Artist?

In simplest terms:

  • Bands

  • DJs

  • Record Companies

  • Record Labels

  • Recording Studios

  • Singers

  • Guitarists

  • Sound Supervisors

  • Sound Engineers

  • Recording Artists

  • Managers

  • Digital Artists

  • Collaborations

  • Any musical Artist (If you think you are then you are)

What are the services RAI currently offers?

RAI provides a new avenue for artists to present their music and really be Heard. There is a difference between one who hears your music and one who really listens to your music. Here at RAI we garuntee that you will gain some new listeners.

The main service RAI offers to newly connected artists in the feature article on the main page. That will bring the most traffic to the artists website and hopefully the most benefit to the artists as well.

RAI also has an online aStore supported by Amazon.com . If an artists music can be found on Amazon.com then their music can be purchased on RAI's aStore. The artist will recieve the same amount of royalties if purchased outside RAI's aStore.

RAI has profiles on many existing social networks including facebook, last.fm, youtube, myspace, purevolume, soundclick, tumblr, ning, SoundCloud, playlist.com, and many more. Upon joining RAI a link to your website and a description of you and your music will be posted on EVERY RAI profile across the net giving the artist complete global promotion.

What services will RAI offer in the future?

RAI is currently working on a HUGE expansion project that will help provide even greater promotional oppertunities to connected artists. Here are some of the projects RAI is currently undergoing:

  • RAI partnership with iTunes (Allowing visitors to purchase music directly from the main website - all money goes to the artist)

  • RAI social network provided by Ning.com (Allowing artists and fans alike to share their music, opinions and expertise about music and the industry, creating a unique environment between fans and artists)

  • RAI Recording Studio and HeadQuarters (Scheduled to finish construction in 2015, creating a wide range of oppertunities including album releases featuring the best of RAI's connected artists and more)

  • RAI Records in corperation with Geist Records and Geist Inc. (RAI records will soon be a side project for Geist Inc. and work along side Geist Records to provide a low costing recording studio for up-and-comming bands and artists)